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Test and Development Chassis Platforms designed for lab use, product development, or demonstration applications.

Taking a new board level product or system from concept to deliverable requires feature rich development and testing tools. Elma's broad range of Type 15 (desktop), Type 32 (portable/desktop) and Type 39E (development frame) chassis for VITA and PICMG bus architectures provide the platforms necessary to meet the need. Type 15 enclosures provide a versital, attractive platform for bench top applications complete with handles and tilt feet. Type 32 Tower enclosures are perfect for software develpment and allow the system to be taken from the lab, to the developers work station or even the field for demo. The Type 39E Frame enclosure is idea for lab development and provides open accesses for probing and debugging cards

All enclosure types are available in a wide range of VME, VME64X, VPX, VXS and CPCI backplane slot counts and can be configured with users choice of slot count count, cooling, and power. System monitoring solutions are also available.

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