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Coded Switch Type C08

Ordering Information

IP Sealing PCB Mounting Bushing Shaft Length Part Number with End-Stop Part Number Endless Rotating Packaging
IP60 SMT Non-threaded 15.2 mm C08S211ST C08S211ST C08S221ST C08S221ST Tray
SMT Threaded 15.2 mm C08S111ST C08S111ST C08S121ST C08S121ST Tray
THT Threaded 18.0 mm C08T111LT C08T111LT C08T121LT C08T121LT Tray
THT Threaded 15.2 mm C08T111ST C08T111ST C08T121ST C08T121ST Tray
IP68 SMT Threaded 15.2 mm C08S311ST C08S311ST C08S321ST C08S321ST Tray
THT Threaded 18.0 mm C08T311LT C08T311LT C08T321LT C08T321LT Tray
THT Threaded 15.2 mm C08T311ST C08T311ST C08T321ST C08T321ST Tray

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