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Design Enclosures

Design Enclosures

Increasingly, the size and weight and appearance of the enclosure housing our customers’ end product must be carefully considered in order to remain competitive in their market. Elma strives to offer attractive housings that are based in a modular design, thereby ensuring a unique yet affordable enclosure that fits the project. Our newest design, the iD-Box 16 was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award – high praise for its unique and outstanding design.

All our design enclosures and cases are highly modular and flexible. Kits are available for tabletop, portable and wall-mount applications. Some of our aluminum enclosures will meet EMC, RFI and other environmental requirements such as shock and vibration and water resistance.

This section includes the following enclosures:

Desk, Table and Lab Design Enclosures & Cases: Elma Type 14, Type 15 Series, Type iD-Box 16, and Type 32

Small Portable Cases: Elma Type 33 Series, Type 34, Type 35, and Type 36 Series

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