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Elma comprehensive range of precision accessories enables our customers to truly fine-tune their Subracks and enclosures to suit their particular project needs. These include front and rear panels, cassettes and modules; gasketing solutions for EMC shielding; retainers and guides for PCB assemblies. Browse through our complete list of accessories to find what you need.

This section contains:

Thermal & Rugged:  Fan modules, fan-mounting panels, air baffles, temp regulator

Card Guides: Compliant with IEC, IEEE, xTCA  

EMC Shielding: EMI/RFI gaskets for EMC, EMI/RFI shielding to meet commercial and MIL-STD requirements.

Cassettes and Modules: enclosed sub-modules for use in Eurocard, slot-style cases

HMI Products: Interface components for use on our cases and enclosures.

Aluminium Extrusions: a complete resource for all of Elma’s subrack extrusions to build custom card cages

Hardware: All  assembly materials required for our enclosures (screws, nuts, washers), PCB mounting hardware; middle parts; spacers and mounting plates, covering caps and mounting brackets

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