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VPX Backplanes

OpenVPX Backplanes

Elma Electronic is the leader in VPX (VITA 46) and OpenVPX (VITA 65) products. Our experts developed the industry's first VPX backplane and proposed the first VME pinouts to the VITA 46 subcommittee. Since then, Elma has developed various VPX and OpenVPX configurations with and without VME64x legacy slots. VPX presents design challenges with higher layer-count backplanes and more demanding power and cooling requirements. We tackle these problems with signal integrity analysis, thermal simulation and testing.

OpenVPX has opened up new definitions for VPX backplanes and systems. This includes defined module, slot and backplane profiles as well as high speed fabric options, control planes and secondary expansion fabrics. Elma Electronic offers a comprehensive portfolio of OpenVPX backplanes and chassis, designed to meet almost any application you need. OpenVPX defines an easier way to ensure the Interoperability between the VPX Modules from different vendors, but also the compatibility between certain Slot configurations with similar VPX Modules.

Elma’s High Performance VPX Backplanes

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