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VME/VME64x Backplanes

VME Backplanes

All Elma Electronic VME backplanes are designed to maximize performance, minimize noise, and to give the customer the most reliable, cost-effective product possible. To achieve this we use 8-layer construction, stripline design, decoupling capacitors at every slot, inboard terminators, heavy power and ground planes, transient analysis simulation programs, and years of experience designing, building, and using backplanes. Three 2 oz. copper ground layers are used to fully shield the backplane to minimize RFI/EMI emission/susceptibility, to minimize crosstalk, and to maximize power.

The outer ground layers serve to prevent signals or VCC from being exposed where they could be shorted or damaged. Two 2 oz. copper VCC layers are used to maximize power distribution and to act as virtual ground planes for the signals in order to minimize noise and crosstalk. The high frequency decoupling capacitors at every slot and distributed low frequency electrolytic capacitors throughout the board also help this effort. Measured results verify that Elma Electronic backplanes are among the quietest in the industry.

Several configurations of the VMEbus are available for different applications: J1 planeJ2 planeJ2 plane with A+C Bussed, J2, J3 DevelopmentJ2, J3 Overlays and J1-J2 monolithic (6U) which combines the J1 and J2 planes of the VME bus.

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