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CPCI Backplanes

CompactPCI Backplanes

CompactPCI (PICMG 2.0 Rev.3.0) is the specification for an industrial computer bus developed by PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). CompactPCI is an adaptation of the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) for industrial and/or embedded applications that require a more robust mechanical form factor than Desktop PCI. Elma offers 32/64 bit backplanes for operation at 33MHz with 2-8 slots. Backplanes with 2-5 slots are available for 66 MHz bus frequency. All Elma backplanes are hot swap capable.

CompactPCI Packet Switching (PICMG 2.16 Rev.1.0) is an extension of the PICMG 2.x family of specifications that overlays a packet-based switching architecture on top of CompactPCI to create an Embedded System Area Network (ESAN). It supplements the robust, reliable and hot-swap capable CompactPCI architecture with the easily integrated, low-cost, high-performance and extensible Ethernet.

Computer Telephony – H110 bus (PICMG 2.5 R.1.0) is an additional specification which allows the addition of a telecom bus to the existing CompactPCI 6U backplanes in the J4/P4 & J5/P5 areas. It defines the utilization of CompactPCI user definable pins for the computer telephony functions of standard TDM bus, telephony rear IO, 48 VDC and ringing distribution.

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