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Elma has developed a various range of accessories that includes:

  • Backplane probe card enables characterization of differential VPX backplane channels between slots on 3U or 6U VPX backplane.
  • Test extender boards for VPX/OpenVPX, VME64x, VME, cPCI, ATCA, VXS, MTCA, and VXI architectures, designed to extend plug-in cards outside of the card cage area for easier testing
  • Load boards for various architectures designed to aid in verifying that the chassis can meet the power requirements of the system specifications, and helps the engineer locate hot spots in the chassis
  • Power Interface Boards for pluggable power supply modules
  • Rear Transition Modules (RTMs) vor various architectures such as VPX/OpenVPX, VXS, ATCA, VME64x, CPCI etc.
  • System Accesories: System Monitor (Sysmon), Fan Controller (FanCon), Chassis Manager, Shelf Manager etc.
  • Cabling solutions for VPX/OpenVPX


OpenVPX Technical Reference Guide

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