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Different application areas demand different product features. Our Elma engineers know perfectly well how to drive the strengthes of the aprticular technology to the edge. That is the way to get you the ideal product for your specific project.

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  • DE13-Transportation
    Transportation applications have specific environmental and computing requirements. Computers are required to be faster, smarter, and offer highly reliable, long-term performance while operating in tough environmental circumstances.
  • Thumbnail_DE12-Communication
    The delivery of media to audiences is changing rapidly, and so too is the technology behind it, whether it's for radio, television, computers or handheld devices. Television and radio stations have converted programming from an analog to a digital delivery system that has an astonishing clear picture and sound quality.  The demand for streaming audio and video and the bandwidths this requires is pushing digital equipment technologies to the next levels. Elma is proud to be a longtime supplier and partner to companies pushing the digital envelope with our embedded computing platforms, test equipment cases, and our encoder switches and knobs.

  • Energy Thumbnail
    Our expertise in enclosure designed for the right environmental requirements enables us to provide field-proven solutions. Elma’s enclosures and embedded computing platforms are designed to be used in indoor or outdoor settings; DIN or wall-mounted industrial computers; rackmount chassis platforms and cabinets; rugged, seismic or harsh environments. 
  • DE13-Military
    Aerospace & Defense

    At Elma Electronic, we care about the perfect transmission of data, passenger entertainment and the attention to details when it comes to sensitive electronics. Elma Electronic has years of experience in all these application areas. Our products feature compact packaging, efficient cooling, redundancy and harsh environments at maximum performance - meeting the most challenging requirements of avionics electronics.

  • DE12-Science
    Scientific & Research
    Processing high amounts of data is a common occurrence in scientific research. Research projects are highly demanding in terms of finding the right balance between performance and reliability. Elma accepts this challenge.  
  • Industrial
    Industrial Automation
    In the field of industrial automation, Elma products deliver with durability, ruggedness and reliability. Systems can also be delivered application-ready on request.
  • Medical
    Quality, reliability and precision is imperative when it comes to medical applications. Elma's products and solutions for medical devices and systems meet some of the most rigorous certification requirements.This is where Elma is perfectly qualified to be Your Solution Partner.
  • DE12-Test-Measurement
    Test and Measurement
    Doing the most demanding projects in Science and Research, the Elma engineers have learned how to collect huge amounts of data in short time. The experience we gained through these projects is what brings our products for test and measurement.
  • Thumbnail_DE12-Soundstudio
    Broadcast & Audio

    Broadcast studios and installations have very unique requirements. There are ever-changing issues associated with each emerging technology, and equipment reliability is tantamount.

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