Racks & HMI products serve the broadcast & AV markets

Elma supports major manufacturers of broadcasting equipment and audio solutions, partnering with systems / IT integrators. Our products comply with the required certifications such as NEBS.

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Broadcast studios and installations have very unique requirements. Our broad spectrum of products for electronic infrastructure solutions offer best-in-class performance, features, support, quality and cost. We leverage a solid foundation of custom or standard products and practical knowledge to tailor solutions for customer- specific applications.

Our racks have served the very best broadcast professionals and systems / IT integrators in the industry with innovative, dependable and reliable racks, cabinets and accessories - a testament to our longevity in the market and commitment to the industry. The first racks were for early satellite communications equipment. Since, then we have worked towards increasing our reach in advanced industries that need innovative ideas for cabling management, power management, cooling and lighting. The racks provide a combination of protection, access, versatility, scalability and durability for the storage, management and operation of broadcast equipment.

On the systems side, Elma has been delivering tailored chassis platforms based on AdvancedTCA telco architecture for years, providing solutions to fit the specific environmental and technology challenges. We excel at solutions subject to rugged mobile or harsh environmental conditions. Our clients rely for audio and HMI components on the durability and functionality of the precision, Swiss-made knobs, switches and encoders. Our highly regarded audio knobs and switches are used in sound studios and mobile communications devices the world over.


  • Next generation digital media systems
  • IP-based video & audio delivery systems
  • Broadcast, movie production studios & TV stations
  • Broadcast and cable headend environments
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobile A/V equipment
  • IT and cloud servers and data centers
  • High efficiency coding systems (HEVC)
  • Mobile Emergency Alert Systems (M-EAS)
  • Critical communications

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