Front Panel & Printing Services

Front panels are the face of your product, the business card of your technical know-how and an important sales argument of your components in the interior. Choose us as the specialist for these important part.

Digital Printing Services

As a manufacturer of enclosures and subracks, Elma has a very high level of expertise in the production of all kinds of front panels. The front panel center includes a wide range of machines, an anodizing plant and trained staff. Regardless of whether it is 19'' profile or customer-specific front panels, we offer you the optimal solution, including accessories.

Thanks to high added value, you get everything from a single source:

  • Construction of the front panel as desired
  • Large selection of materials and types
  • Mechanical processing: Milling, drilling, punching, threading, pressing, etc.
  • Printing: Wide range of printing methods
  • Finishing: Grinding, brushing, anodizing (colorless or colored) or passivating
  • Integration of press nuts, threaded bolts or other fastenings
  • Cutting and processing of adhesive masks or sealing mats
  • Assembly: On request, we can create and test the entire assembly

Printing methods

  • UV digital printing: Photo-realistic color printing, color gradients, high quality
  • Sub-anodized printing: Photo-realistic color printing under the aluminum anodized layer, color gradients, very robust, chemical resistance
  • Screen printing: Color printing, suitable for white printing, ideal for large quantities
  • Pad printing: Single-color printing, for uneven surfaces, ideal for large quantities
  • Laser engraving: Single-color engraving (color change in the material), very robust and durable lettering, suitable for a wide variety of materials, can also be used on recessed surfaces

For more information, take a look at our brochure or the video below.

Front panel standard Design Service

19'' Standard Front Panels

19'' systems have been characterized by standardization for decades - in accordance with IEC 60297-3, sizes, fastenings, handles, etc.

- 19'' front and back panels
- EMC front panels
- Flat, profile or fan front panels
- Front panels with fastening bolts
- Heat sink front panels
- Folding and swivel front panels
- IEC front panels
- IEEE front panels
- FMC / PMC mezzanine front panel

More information about front panels here
Front panel Design Services

Design Front Panels

With design front panels you have the opportunity to design your individual front panel in order to provide the desired display and operation as an interface to the electronics.

- Front panels for small devices and technical apparatus
- Control panels for machines and systems
- Intercoms in trains or at the bank counter
- Parts of the cockpit in various vehicles
- Schematic system representations to visualize processes or systems
- Display and lettering boards

More information about front panels here