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AppliPaks - Anwendungsbezogene Board-Packs

AppliPaks are fully integrated, custom configured board level embedded computing board sets combining a VPX, VME or cPCI single board computer with your choice of storage and or I/O mezzanine cards, operating systems and device drivers.

  • The solution of choice for over 25 years for many national defense programs
  • Currently deployed in a wide range of applications.
  • Combining best in class board products with top notch support and integration know how.
  • SBCs from Artesyn (Emerson/Motorola), Concurrent, Interface Concept and others
  • Elma provides assembly level configuration control, support, procurement and pre and post sale support

Ask about legacy support for bridging the “Tundra” gap with minimal cost and design effort  Tundra Logo 

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