Optima Stantron (an Elma company) designs and manufactures custom and standard cabinets, consoles and cases to house and protect electronic equipment. This includes configurable, modular vertical 19" rackmount cabinets and consoles, rugged and mobile racks and carts, wall- and pole-mount enclosures, and desktop/portable cases.

Optima Stantron has an extensive line of vertical cabinets to effectively house and protect sensitive and critical electronics. We can meet a wide range of requirements: challenging rugged environments found in defense and aerospace applications; exposure to harsh conditions found in outdoor or factory settings; or challenging thermal requirements faced by broadcast rooms, clean labs, data and telecom centers.

Optima Stantron has a cabinet for every need – browse the categories below or filter by functional categories. Our highly experienced sales team is ready to help with your configuration requirements.




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