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Rugged Cabinets

Rugged Cabinets

Elma’s highly acclaimed range of turnkey integrated cabinet solutions for hostile environments offer System Integrators, Defence Contractors and OEMs alike, a rapid, risk free and highly cost effective route to market, whatever the operational environment and regardless of hardware architecture.

Totally unequalled in the industry, Elma can provide a tried and tested range of extremely rugged cabinets and consoles that are eminently suitable for the most onerous and hostile requirements of the military naval sector of the defence industry.

Elma has full BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accreditation and all system cabinets and consoles exceed the EMC requirements of EN55022 and EN50082, are fully IEEE 1101.1, 1101.10 and 1101.11 compliant and have CE conformity to EN 60950.

Commercial boards – hostile environment - No Problem!

With the drive from the electronics defence industry for cost effective system solutions, COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) products are being sought across the project spectrum, including the area of rugged system packaging equipment. Elma specialise in the design, development, manufacture and integration of turnkey bus-based system enclosures, cabinets and consoles for commercial through to military applications. 

Elma experience within the military naval sector has culminated in a tried and tested range of extremely rugged cabinets and consoles manufactured to the highest levels of workmanship and robustness that offer outstanding quality and versatility dedicated to the special operational requirements associated with this sector of the defence industry.

The MRC Series of rugged cabinets and consoles offer total versatility at an affordable price. They can be tailored, generally without compromise, to meet any new or retrofit application requirements.

The MRC range of cabinet/console equipment has been developed to operate under the most onerous environmental conditions, such as non-contact underwater explosion shocks. Moreover, they can be designed to meet virtually all relevant military specifications for land mobile, seagoing and special racking for airborne ATR applications. 

A flexible building block approach enables a comprehensive array of application specific options to be incorporated. For the MRC Series it was decided that rather than adopt a traditional fabricated rugged cabinet design, a significantly more robust method should be used comprising a substantial framework manufactured from machined aluminium sections. This is a variation on our internationally patented ‘High Integrity Frame’ technology and therefore offers the same very high inherent levels of versatility and practical accessibility. 

All of Elma's products are designed to maximise configuration flexibility and the MRC Series of cabinets and consoles is no exception. By accommodating a comprehensive range of options the MRC Series can be tailored specifically to meet industry’s wide ranging and demanding application requirements.

General Construction and Features
The general construction of the MRC Series is based upon a substantial high-integrity framework with top, bottom and main vertical members being manufactured from machined aluminium. Side, front and rear panels are manufactured from fabricated aluminium or steel sheet. These covers can be removed for ease of commissioning/ integration ensuring total unrestricted access to the interior of the cabinet/console.

A vast array of options can of course be accommodated, these include: high security door locks. Special measures can also be employed to ensure that access to the interior of the cabinet cannot be easily attained without a key. 

Elma cabinets offer special air inlet/exhaust louvers that minimise moisture ingress whilst at the same time offering minimal air-flow impedance. Unfortunately most tool pressed louver patterns can be found to seriously restrict airflow.

Elma can design and manufacture a fully integrated, turnkey cabinet/console system solution complete with thermal management, integral enclosures, electronic sub-assemblies, BIT/housekeeping/ power supplies, power distribution and I/O wiring etc.

Important Cabinet/Console Design Note – Holistic Approach
Obviously when designing integrated cabinet/console based equipment there are a number of ‘system’ engineering issues that must be considered in totality. Indeed, we see mistakes frequently being made that can compromise programme time-scales and budgets by making engineering decisions at ‘shelf’ rather than ‘system’ level. Elma therefore offers an holistic engineering approach, encompassing at a ‘systems’ level; EMC, thermal management, MTBF, MTTR, ILS, MMI, power distribution, I/O etc.

Cabinet & Console Services Offered:
  • Standard and custom rugged cabinets - fabricated or machined construction
  • Full design, manufacture and integration of rugged 19" or custom mounted    equipment shelves and enclosures
  • I/O wiring and power distribution 
  • BIT electronics system design
  • Climate monitoring/control and alarm generation
  • Blind-Mate equipment interconnection systems
  • Hard mounting or primary/secondary mounting provisions
  • Design to meet the most onerous of environmental specifications, includingnon-contact underwater explosion shocks
  • Advice/consultancy involving the deployment of COTS hardware in hostile environments
  • Full qualification testing and project management

Quality and Test
All of Elma standard and custom system enclosures undergo a comprehensive test and inspection schedule covering every facet of system build, function and safety, guaranteeing complete product integrity. The company has full BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accreditation and is a recognised authority on EMC with its own in-house pre-compliance EMC test chamber. A full test/inspection report, 'C of C' and 'D of C' (where relevant) comes with every system.

All of our system cabinets and consoles are covered by a 12-month warranty from the date of shipment. The warranty covers all mechanical items, backplanes, power supplies, cooling fans, components, cables, connectors and switches but does not cover faults attributed to misuse.

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