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VITA Backplanes

VITA Backplanes: VPX/OpenVPX & VME

Elma Electronic is an executive member of the VITA (VMEBus International Trade Association). From standard configurations to custom designs, we provide the best in backplane technology serving the communications, military/aerospace, computer, instrumentation, industrial automation, and medical industries. Our leadership and experience in VPX backplanes keeps us on the cutting edge of technology.

Our experts developed the industry’s first VPX backplane and proposed several profiles to the VITA 46 subcommittee. Since then, Elma has developed various VPX and OpenVPX configurations with and without legacy VME64x slots. VPX presents design challenges with higher layer-count backplanes, and more demanding power and cooling requirements. We tackle these problems with comprehensive signal integrity analysis and testing.

We offer a complete range of VME, VME64x, and OpenVPX backplanes.


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