Elma Electronic offers a wide range of services to assist our customer with new product introduction (NPI). From custom design and verification testing through agency certification, Elma has the experience to function as an extension of your company's design and compliance engineering team. Combined with Elma's level 4/5 integration capability for both embedded systems and switches Elma provides a single solution to your outsourcing needs. 

Allow Elma to take your latest product from prototype to production quickly, cost effectively and with reduced risk.

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  • Life Cycle Management

    Component transition, obsolescence and end of life (EOL) are facts of life in the embedded computing industry. Our customers require a seamless transition when faced with these inevitable situations. At Elma, we keep your vital operations going and protect your investment.

  • Levels of Integration
    Elma Systems has identified three product categories for box level integration which are defined according to the level of complexity, component content and percentage of custom materials, software and drivers which go into the chassis.
  • Eurocard Specifications

    Conversion Table
    General Mounting
    Rack Dimensions
    Mounting Dimensions in Subrack
    Subrack Dimensions
    Dimensions of Printed Circuit Boards

  • Links & Standards
    A list of Links & Standards.
  • Engineering Services
    Elma Systems offers a wide range of engineering services in conjunction with Integrated Systems and board level sales.
  • White Papers

    Elma's White Papers.

  • Optima Stantron Test Reports
    View test reports, technical drawings, specifications, CAD files, and more. 
  • Ruggedization

    When a project needs components to meet extended temperature ranges and withstand potential rigorous shock and vibration environments – look to Elma for the solution. We take standard and industrial grade embedded products with COTS specifications and extend their limits to meet your rugged requirements.

Result 1-8 of 26