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6U VPX Type 39 E-Frame Test Platforms

Ordering Information

Express Systems

Elma Express units are in stock and available to ship in 2 weeks for the first 2 units, and 4-6 weeks for the remaining balance of your order. All units ship assembled, wired, and tested.

Architecture Description Model Number
VPX Type 39 E-Frame chassis with a 2 slot 6U VPX backplane, 700 watt fixed PSU 39E02PSX94Y2VCEX 39E02PSX94Y2VCEX 39E02PSX94Y2VCEX
Type 39 E-Frame chassis with a 4 slot 6U VPX power and ground backplane, 685 watt fixed PSU 39E04ASXC8Y2VCF0 39E04ASXC8Y2VCF0 39E04ASXC8Y2VCF0

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