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VITA, Type 32V, Portable Tower (Medium)

Ordering Information

Express Systems

Elma Express units are in stock and available to ship in 2 weeks for the first 2 units, and 4-6 weeks for the remaining balance of your order. All units ship assembled, wired, and tested.

Architecture Description Model Number
VME64X 4U x 84T x 13" d, 7 Slot 64x, 250 watt 32V07OP448N3VCB0 32V07OP448N3VCB0
VXS Type 32V, w/plug in PSU 32V05LY348Y3VGE0 32V05LY348Y3VGE0
VPX Type 32V, 6U x 84T, 2 x VME64X, 3 x VPX, 1334Watt PSU 32V05PSX68Y4VCM0 32V05PSX68Y4VCM0

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