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Universal 19" Rackmount/Desktop Chassis

Type 14, 19" Rackmount/Desktop enclosures offer a modular, fully configurable, enclosure system to support custom configurations based on standard parts.

Elma's Type 14 family of enclosures provide a flexible and versatile platform for packaging rackmount or desktop applications. Designed to IEEE 1101.10/.11 standards, the Type 14 construction is based on an erector kit concept allowing for a fully configurable approach to card cage design with off the shelf components. This modular packaging approach includes selection of the backplane, PSU, and number of card slots to tailor the solution to the specific need. Engineered for superior cooling they units are available with either front to rear or bottom to top airflow. Standard heights are 2U-7U. The Type 14 will except 3U or 6U cards mounted vertically or horizontally or combinations of card cage configurations for: VME, VPX, VXS, VXI and CPCI. The basic chassis features vinyl clad Aluminum covers for a scratch resistant, attractive finish with tilt feet and handles. 


  • 19" rackmount or desktop
  • Scratch resistant vinyl clad AL
  • Front mount handles (tilt feet optional)
  • Sizes 2U-7U high
  • 3 to 21 slots
  • 3U, 6U or combination of cards, horizontal or vertical
  • Rear I/O optional
  • 100W-2000W power options, AC or DC input
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