Mentor Components GmbH

Mentor Handles

Light Guide Systems, SMD-LEDs, THT LEDs

Bargraph Displays, lying
Flexible Light Guide Systems 
LED Light Guide Components (M-PIPE) 
Light Guides for Frontpanels 
Light Guides lying, multiple & miniaturized 
Multiple-Light Guides, miniaturized & upright  
Single-Light Guides upright, Light Guide Switches 

FEL- and Standardelements · LEDs
Front Panels and Accessories 
LEDs, LED Tester for THT and SMD LEDs 
M-PIPE RoHS compliant, Surface Symbol Illumination System
SMD Bridge, Fuse Holder
SMD LED Display Systems
SMD Switch Series
Test Jacks

Opto Electronic Components
Indicator Lamps and Sensors
LED Display Systems 


Plastic/Metal Knobs · Mechanical Components
Aluminium Turning Knobs
Aluminium Wing and Pointer Knobs
Digital and Analog Turning Knobs
Plastic Turning Knobs
Plastic Wing, Pointer, Adjusting Knobs
Setting Drives

THT - FEL Front Panel System and Standard Panel Components
7-Segment Display
Front Panels and Mounting Accessories
Jacks and Plugs
LED Display Systems
Potentiometers and Fuse Holders
THT Switch Series

Keypad Components and Accessories
7-Segment Displays 
Customized solutions 
Interface board / Capacitive Keypad 
Light Guides for Stand-Alone Indicators 
Plunger / Plunger with point illumination 
Pushbutton caps and signal indicators for individual inscription inserts 
Pushbutton caps with full illumination 
Pushbutton caps with full illumination for membrane keypads 
Pushbutton caps with individual full and point illumination 
Signal indicator 
SMD pushbuttons

Variations of Light
The unique M-TUBE LED light systems unite progress and modern times: Low energy con-sumption, extremely long life time without expensive servicing and the really minimal heat generation permit a use in almost every sphere of activity.

Plastic/Metal Knobs · Mechanical Components
Aluminium Handles
Carrying and Rear Up Handles
Plastic Handles
Steel and Stainless Steel Handles
Tray, Collapsible and Carrying Handles


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