Tabletop & Portable Enclosure Kits

Here You Will Find:

Unibox Type 14: Versatile Extrusion Based "Erector Set" Enclosure Line.

Variety Box 35:  Highly versatile and customizable extrusion based enclosure system.

Type 15 Family of Enclosures:

  • Economic Stylebox Type 15 Smart:  An economic version of our flagship Type 15 Standard enclosure line. Shielded, and suitable for rackmount or desktop applications.
  • Style Box Type 15 Standard:  Elma's Flagship enclosure line. Suitable for Eurocard or Instrument Case Applications. Features EMI Shielding and Top Aesthetics.
  • Type 15 E-Motion: Cosmetic Variations on the Standard Type 15 Enclosure Line.Type 32 Standard: Classic Oscilloscope Looking Enclosure Line, Desktop Only.

Type 32 Family of Enclosures:

Table Top

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