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System Platforms

Faster Storage and Networking Interfaces Boost Performance of COM Express and CompactPCI Serial-based Systems

Using the Updated VITA 65 Standard to Build Faster, High Performance Systems

Small chassis and enclosures take on the heat [PDF]

Round Table: Raising Expectations for UAVs and More

Rugged Connectors Ensure Reliability for Data-Driven Railway Applications

FPGA coprocessors for low-power adaptive beam forming in hybrid VPX HPEC systems [PDF]

Pre-Integrated Systems Evolve to Satisfy New Computing Expectations [PDF]

High Capacity Storage Systems Look to PCI Express [PDF]

Making COTS real: VITA Embedded Tech Trends

Mobile Communications Are Key to Network Edge Design [PDF]

High-Speed Interfaces Push Optical Connectivity [PDF]

Cooling High-Speed Systems

High-Speed Roadmap: Board Design Challenges in a Time of Rapidly Increasing Power

Connector Technologies For Data-Driven Military Environments

Multi-Level Cell SSDs perform in HPEC Rugged Environment

Legacy Military Systems Can Embrace New Storage Technologies

Steps to building VPX systems with an integrator

Bring Legacy Storage Interfaces into the Modern World

Steps to building VPX systems with an integrator

FPGA-based Front-End Processing with VPX

How Do You Communicate to Your Peers?
In OpenVPX Systems, Ethernet over PCIe is a growing trend.

AXIe Development Tools Announced at Autotestcon 2013

Big brother: AXIe extends PXI performance

VPX/VXS/VME Technologies: Opening time

Challenges in Providing Optimal I/O Solutions for Small Systems

Updated Attributes Bring VME Beyond Military with OpenVPX

Understanding and Using OpenVPX for System Development (2-part article):

  1. The Quest to Navigate the OpenVPX Standard: VITA 65 (Part 1)
  2. Navigating OpenVPX: Developing and Building Systems using OpenVPX Profiles (Part2)

The Inner Workings of Solid State Flash: SLC versus MLC

Rugged Packaging [PDF]

Design Criteria for Rugged Enclosures [PDF]

Design Criteria for Optimum Cooling and Shielding of Enclosures [PDF]

ATR Solutions for Rugged COTS Applications [PDF]

Evolution of Storage


C4ISR/EW Modular Open Standards Supported on 3U VPX Backplane [PDF]

VPX at Light Speed 

VPX Backplanes Go Optical [PDF]

Optical Connectors to Fire Up VPX Backplanes

The Evolution of CompactPCI Serial

Signal Integrity and OpenVPX Backplane Architecture Trends

Making OpenVPX Work for Your Mil-Aero Application

Understanding OpenVPX: A Closer Look at Interoperability for VPX Systems

Rotary Switches

Making the switch to high-end rotary encoders for RF systems

Rotary Switches Online stocks Elma's multi wheel devices

Enclosures & Components

How to Manage Heat in Modular COTS Enclosures [PDF]

The Perfect Fit: Modular Design for Electronic Enclosures [PDF]

Every Millimeter Counts: Right-Sizing for Instrument Cases [PDF]

Take an exact-sized modular design approach for medical device enclosures 

Cabinets & Racks

EMC Solutions for Enclosures and Racks [PDF]

Riding the Rails Away From Isolation - Cabinet Design Considerations to Meet AREMA & CENCELEC Rail Standards

Securing Electronics in Modern Railway Systems