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Outside Sales

Territory Boxes  Territory Boxes Territory Boxes
David Meyer
Regional Sales Manager

Western US
Phone: 510.683.8466
Fax: 510.656.8008
Walter Podbelski
Regional Sales Manager
Eastern US
Phone: 510.683.8433
Fax: 510.656.8008

Inside Sales

Territory Boxes  Territory Boxes 

Territory Boxes 

Adrienne Martinez Inside Sales Administrator adrienne.martinez@elma.com
Phone: 510.683.8431 
Shirley Gerzina Inside Sales Administrator shirley.gerzina@optimaeps.com
Phone: 770.496.4114 
Marsha Holloway
Inside Sales Administrator marshah@optimaeps.com
Phone: 770.496.4043

Technical Support

Territory Boxes Territory Boxes Territory Boxes

Steve Carr
Product Engineer
Phone: 510.683.8434
Fax: 510.656.8008

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