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Elma Electronic offers a wide range of services to assist our customer with new product introduction (NPI). From custom design and verification testing through agency certification, Elma has the experience to function as an extension of your company's design and compliance engineering team. Combined with Elma's level 4/5 integration capability for both embedded systems and switches Elma provides a single solution to your outsourcing needs.

Allow Elma to take your latest product from prototype to production quickly, cost effectively and with reduced risk.


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  • Assembly of Enclosures and Components
    By assembly, Elma means the action of putting together the separate parts of what is intended to be assembled. This goes from providing the parts to the final checking/testing of the assembly.
  • Frontpanel Center
    Standard and customized front panels
    Front panels are the face of your product, the business card of your technical know-how and an important sales argument of your components in the interior.

    Choose the specialist for these important part. Elma is one of the worlds leading manufacturer of labels and front panels. Elma's products fit to the special needs of every single customer. Elma manufactures front panels and labels meeting your wishes and combines your creative ideas with the know-how of Elma's employees.

    It is the goal of Elma to find the best solution for every project. Therefore we got the slogan "Elma - Your Solution Partner". Make your request today and test our competencies.
  • VXS System Platforms
    VXS: Architecture Solutions & Overview

    Elma is committed to bringing the best technical expertise and products to the VITA community.

  • Produktion Pforzheim
    Contract manufacturing
    Our contract manufacturing service combines the best of German engineering and Swiss precision. We can produce small quantities as well as high volumes at highest quality standards.
  • FEM Simulation
    How does a chassis like this behave when exposed to vibrations and impacts? What kinds of vibrations, dynamic torsional loading and static stress occur in the rack structure? When it comes to quickly optimizing diametrically opposed requirements such as these, FEM simulations are often the first choice.
  • Fertigung Tests
    Kundenspezifisch oder maßgeschneidert?
    Individuelle Lösungen sind bei Elma Standard. Mit einem umfassenden Angebot an modularen Standardprodukten kombinieren und verfeinern wir sowohl bestehende Lösungen als auch bewährte Designkonzepte und werden selbst anspruchsvollsten Wünschen gerecht.
  • Engineering

    The trend of having a customized product which clearly distinguish from competition needs experts in engineering to meet functional and aesthetic requirements. 

    Elma has over 50 years of engineering experience. Read more in this article what Elma can do for you as your solution partner.

  • DE13-Service-Flotherm2
    Thermal analysis (CFD FloTHERM©)

    Thermal analyses can significantly reduce development processes. Critical configurations can be detected already during the design phase – even before the first prototypes are built. Elma’s thermal analyses service can be extremely helpful in creating an optimal chassis cooling solution.

Result 1-8 of 18