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Beautiful, Rugged and Functional Knobs for Every Application

Knobs play an enormously import role in a product’s user accessibility and its overall esthetics. Elma’s plastic and soft touch collet knobs and metal setscrew knobs work with all industry-standard switches and controls. Our wide assortment ensures you will find a design that is perfect for your application.

K1 Metal Knobs

  • Robust solid-aluminum design (RoHS compliant)
  • For D-shape and round shafts
  • Anodized surface, scratch resistant,
  • electrically non conducting
  • Customized designs and colours on request
  • available

Classic Collet Knobs

  • Precise quality knobs
  • Secure collet mounting
  • Wide variety
  • Lots of accessories
  • Customized colours on request available

Soft Touch Collet Knobs

  • Ergonomic „soft touch“ feel
  • Secure collet mounting

Push-on Knobs

  • „Soft touch” or hard feel
  • Cost effective choice



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