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Custom specific solutions

Custom specific solutions are standard at Elma

Why choose Elma? 

...Because we are "your solution partner"

Elma's Rotary Switch Division encompasses a broad range of switching and indicating solutions, control knobs and LEDs and terminals. They are the haptic and optical interface between human and machine. Our products appeal with high quality standards, reliability and performance. They are designed for demanding applications. It is the reason why we are leading in many markets. Our products are being developed in Switzerland and USA . The production plants are in Switzerland and Romania. We serve all markets worldwide where rotary switches, knobs, LEDs and terminal solutions are needed. We develop and produce rotary switches since 1960 and therefore we have a great experience.
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Let us show you an example of a typical customized solution with six steps to realize it - Let's create a new two way radio solution.

 1. Customer describes the actual situation
 2. customer describes the new idea
 3. customer describes the requirements for the new switch
 Sketch custom solution  Sketch custom specific solution
  • Switch-body dimensions
  • Bushing
  • Shaft
  • Switch sealing
  • ....etc.
 4. Elma designs and develops the new switch and provides the solution to the customer for assessment
 5. Elma produces first samples to test the new switch
 6. Elma provides the new switch to the customer
 Custom built switch  E33 Standard Messing-01  Final custom solution

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