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Small Form Factor (SFF) Embedded Computers

Small Form Factor -We leverage proven technologies to create the ideal computing platform for your SFF application. 

Whether it’s a Military UAV, mobile or other deployed environment for; machine vision system, a blood analyzer, measurement analysis tool, advanced sensors, or other precision instrument. Our innovative and intelligently designed platforms are based on our extensive packaging expertise.  With a focus on Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) are platform are engineered to the highest performance. This powerful combination of proven design expertise and products enables us to offer a platform perfectly tailored to meet your project Product portfolio:

Elma Advantages

  • Complete in-house packaging manufacturing and design
  • Processor boards with the latest Intel, Freescale, GPGPU or ARM processors
  • Highly reliable storage featuring RAID, NAS, security and removability
  • Complete gamut of I/O solutions for Ethernet, CAN, PCIe and a variety of other common serial and parallel interface options
  • Open standard based form factors: COMe, ETX, Mini-ITX, XMC/PMC, Q7, AMC/MicroTCA, 3U VPX & 3U cPCI
  • Highly respected partners such as GE, Emerson, Radisys, Concurrent and many others
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