CompactPCI Backplanes

Elma Electronic has the most extensive lines of CPCI backplanes in the industry. Model types include 3U and 6U, 32bit and 64bit, 33MHz and 66MHz. We offer several variations including EasyCable, EasyPlug, Low Profile, 32-bit, PICMG 2.16, and the latest CompactPCI Serial.

CPCI Plus IO and CPCI Serial expand the backplane with serial point-to-point connections for high-speed data transfer (PCIe, SATA, USB, Ethernet). Compatibility with the parallel CPCI bus architecture is ensured at CPCI Plus IO by plugging a computer module into the system slot, which bridges the gap between the parallel and serial worlds. This guarantees the simple migration from tried-and-tested CPCI applications to fast serial bus technology.

CPCI Backplanes
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